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Duel in the Desert 2015

After a busy couple months since the NW modified nationals in Elma, WA, we will be attending the 2015 Duel in the Desert. It has been a few years since we have been able to get down to Vegas for the big event, however, since making the Outlaw event in March, there is some learning still to be had with the car.

As before, we certainly don’t expect to make the show or the top 100 in event points. However, we do have some realistic goals that is very possible with the time that was spent on the car since July. The time spent has made the car much more comfortable then it has before. Top 150 in points would be a successful learning trip with the amount of cars that attend this event.

We will be uploading video from the in-car after each night, so stay tuned! Thanks for the support from everyone that makes this trip possible.

2015 Schedule

Still waiting for all the NW track’s schedules to be released, we have marked in a trip to Vegas and back home to Mohave to run in March. For more current and future 2015 updates, click here.

2014 Update & 2015

As the 2014 season winds down, the only event left on the schedule is the Duel in the Desert in November down in Las Vegas, NV. We have the car ready to go and the trailer packed up, however, with some medical concerns regarding family members and with the fact that their health has to come first, as well as moving to help pay for more racing next year, the trip is up in the air, and if we do head down, it will be at the last possible minute to do so.

Our season went as we had planned, just run a few events here and there, and unfortunately due to weather when we could run, the only events we were able to get in was Speedweeks at Willamette and Cottage Grove. We didn’t fair very well in Cottage Grove and could never find the balance on the car, however, Willamette we were figuring it out each race. With this, we have great things going for us heading Vegas and are hoping we can get down there to show what we can do on the 1/2 mile this time around.

The plan from this season was to scale back and get some things figured out and make a go for next season to run as much as possible at every track possible. The last part of the plan is soon approaching and is to make the possibility even easier to achieve for the 2015 season. We will probably try to run Willamette and Banks as much as possible, with treks up to Grays Harbor and Vegas again later in the year. Once we get a schedule during the off-season, ours will be posted shortly after.

Thanks to all of our sponsors for sticking with us and helping us out when we need it most. Off to 2015!

July 25th, 2014 – Willamette Speedway (Speedweeks)

After a tough go at Cottage Grove, we headed back north to Willamette Speedway in Lebanon, OR, where we have been wanting to run for a few years now. We arrived and were good from loading off the trailer, however, we had some work to do to hang with the top drivers running the speedweeks. Both of our heat races were a blast as we ran 3 wide for a couple of laps in each with the likes of Rob Ireland, Craig Cassell, and Rob McCombs. After a few laps, however, the car seemed to just fall off and the front two would just take off as we would settle in 3rd for the first heat. The 2nd heat was the same but as we were coming to the checkers for another 3rd place finish that could have locked us in the show, the car looped around in 3 & 4 which resulted in finishing 4th, barely missing the cut.

This mistake put us in the B-main where our fun night ended very quickly. We started up towards the front and started off very well when all of a sudden the car picked up a bad push through 1 & 2 resulting in losing a few spots right away as everyone was bunched up running hard. A few laps later, trying to get around a couple of the guys that had passed, entering turn 3, the car jumped the cushion. Rookie mistake. Running the top side was a blast, but inexperience and little seat time led me straight for the wall, ending our race and chance to make the show in the first night. At least, that’s what we thought at first. Luckily, for us anyways, a few cars dropped out, and the field was small enough for the remaining cars to make the A-main, so we threw the right front that was completely torn off back together and limped around at the back of the field for as long as possible. Ended up last, but we at least made it out for the drop of the green.

Huge thanks to my brother and Mom for helping out and busting ass to get us out for the feature. Also thanks to everyone for coming to see us in the pits, including our favorite staging lady, Kattie!

More speedweeks results, here.

2014 Season

The 2014 season is fast approaching! It’s amazing that we are already almost midway through with February.

It seems that we have more fun, run better, and enjoy the racing more when we hit some of the bigger events, so this year will be spent doing just that along with getting parts we need to stay competitive. Our first event is set to happen in the beginning of May, at the Bill Mills Memorial race in Madras, OR. From there, we will see what comes our way, with NW Nationals and the Topless race in the NW, to the Duel in the Desert down in Vegas.

We will be posting dates as we get them in and adding them to our schedule when they are confirmed.

Of course, we are looking for anyone willing to help out and/or sponsor our racing venture. Check out our updated packages and sponsor list that will hopefully grow again in 2014.

Thanks and stay tuned!

Season’s End

With the racing season coming to a close up here in the NW, we have been unable to make any race in September and have decided to wrap everything up for the winter, meaning we won’t be making it to the Duel in the Desert (with the car anyway) again. After a strong showing in Elma for nationals (thanks again to the BRE crew), it’s apparent we need more time with the car. Not just on the track but especially off the track as well.

As more seat time would get the comfort in the cockpit, more time with the car during the week plays an important role in racing obviously, which is something we have been lacking from the start. This winter will be spent working on a game plan to get our crap together and figure out what we need to do to be able to work on the car away from the track. Our schedules are #1 when it comes to the reasoning of why we can’t get to work on the car as much as we should and want to, and it’s most certainly the biggest hurdle in trying to get a game plan started. Hopefully we will figure it all out during the winter and get the ball rolling to make things not only easier for ourselves, but make things noticeably better in the results each week. There is, of course, the financial side, but we do as much as we can to make that a non-factor.

It is frustrating to know we have a package that is capable of contending week in and week out for wins but haven’t produced any thus far. It’s also frustrating getting all the help we do at the track and off from everyone but unable to continue working on the car after the races to keep everything on track. It’s been nearly 5 years since the car has been scaled last, and since then, the car has been re-clipped and setups changed left and right. Not knowing where the weight is and if there is even enough weight is throwing everything out of place for when we make adjustments. Either the adjustments we make is too much, not enough, or completely opposite of what should happen because it’s so far off balance. Our sponsors and supporters expect us to run decent and when we don’t it gets to be overwhelming. It’s time to change all that for next season.

We again thank everyone that has helped us from day one, and continue to help us each season. Thanks to all of our sponsors and especially those we haven’t been able to see or support down in Vegas during the Duels as we haven’t been able to make it down for a few years. Special thanks to Kenny Miller, Perfection Automotive and JEM for their assistance this year as we upgraded and were learning more and more.

Some of us will be down in Vegas, if not all of us to help and support our friends and sponsors that are running the Duel in the Desert this year. Hope to see everyone there, and we will see everyone in the NW next season! Oh, and keep checking in for updates during the winter as well as all the other content our site is starting to publish.