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2013 NW Shipwreck Beads Modified Nationals

Shout out to Aaron Reed and Nathan Prince for all their hard work they put into their videos week in and week out. Thanks to these 2, we have videos for all the races we ran from nationals, and they are linked below to view. If you enjoy the videos they have from the weekend’s festivities, go check out their Youtube channels to view more great racing action from all over the NW. Thanks again guys!

We only have one video from our GoPro In-Car cam as we had a memory loss of some sort. We are still working out the Live! coverage and it seems it got in the way. That video is located below the others.

Aaron Reed Racing Videos NSP Racing Videos
LCQ #2 (4:50) LCQ #2 (5:05)
B-Main B-Main
Heat #2A (3:45) Heat #2A (4:15)
Heat #2B (4:40) Heat #2B


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