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Duel in the Desert 2015

After a busy couple months since the NW modified nationals in Elma, WA, we will be attending the 2015 Duel in the Desert. It has been a few years since we have been able to get down to Vegas for the big event, however, since making the Outlaw event in March, there is some learning still to be had with the car.

As before, we certainly don’t expect to make the show or the top 100 in event points. However, we do have some realistic goals that is very possible with the time that was spent on the car since July. The time spent has made the car much more comfortable then it has before. Top 150 in points would be a successful learning trip with the amount of cars that attend this event.

We will be uploading video from the in-car after each night, so stay tuned! Thanks for the support from everyone that makes this trip possible.

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