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July 25th, 2014 – Willamette Speedway (Speedweeks)

After a tough go at Cottage Grove, we headed back north to Willamette Speedway in Lebanon, OR, where we have been wanting to run for a few years now. We arrived and were good from loading off the trailer, however, we had some work to do to hang with the top drivers running the speedweeks. Both of our heat races were a blast as we ran 3 wide for a couple of laps in each with the likes of Rob Ireland, Craig Cassell, and Rob McCombs. After a few laps, however, the car seemed to just fall off and the front two would just take off as we would settle in 3rd for the first heat. The 2nd heat was the same but as we were coming to the checkers for another 3rd place finish that could have locked us in the show, the car looped around in 3 & 4 which resulted in finishing 4th, barely missing the cut.

This mistake put us in the B-main where our fun night ended very quickly. We started up towards the front and started off very well when all of a sudden the car picked up a bad push through 1 & 2 resulting in losing a few spots right away as everyone was bunched up running hard. A few laps later, trying to get around a couple of the guys that had passed, entering turn 3, the car jumped the cushion. Rookie mistake. Running the top side was a blast, but inexperience and little seat time led me straight for the wall, ending our race and chance to make the show in the first night. At least, that’s what we thought at first. Luckily, for us anyways, a few cars dropped out, and the field was small enough for the remaining cars to make the A-main, so we threw the right front that was completely torn off back together and limped around at the back of the field for as long as possible. Ended up last, but we at least made it out for the drop of the green.

Huge thanks to my brother and Mom for helping out and busting ass to get us out for the feature. Also thanks to everyone for coming to see us in the pits, including our favorite staging lady, Kattie!

More speedweeks results, here.

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