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June 1st, 2013 – Cottage Grove Speedway

What a blast! Our second trip down to Cottage Grove since buying the modified was a success and a ton of fun. As soon as we entered the pits, it was an atmosphere like back in the day watching down in Mohave with all the great fans and officials. Another awesome luck, we parked right next to the Tom Berry crew, who helped us out from the start. This was also the first race we ran with the new ignition system, which worked flawlessly.

We went out for the heat race starting in 7th in the back just looking to log some laps and work the way up the field. The car was a bit tight getting in then was snappy loose in the middle off the corner, so it was a lot of quarter to half throttle to get it to set straight. After passing 2 cars after a caution, another caution occurred with a few laps to go when a car destroyed the wall (or the other way around) and the red flag came out as a result. Luckily the driver was ok and we went back green. The car was coming too and we passed up to third for a good finish behind some top notch drivers.

We went with a few adjustments right away to be able to relax, however, right when we were about to leave to go stage for the main event, we were having discussions about the car, and Berry decided it was time to do another big adjustment, so the car went in the air, and bars were moved all over the place, and we were off, not knowing what to expect. We started the main in the rear, and at the green, the car felt amazing. It would turn on throttle, wouldn’t get snappy loose, and would just go everywhere I wanted. The downfall we had, was the gear we ran. We ran a pretty high ratio for the banked track, which didn’t allow to run the middle or high lines, which would have been great after the bottom groove rutted up and got insane. All four tires came off the ground twice in turn’s 1 & 2 after hitting the holes, and with the seat not being adjusted right, just threw me around like a ragdoll. After getting worn out, with 2 laps to go, and battling for about 8th or 9th spot, we entered turn 3, and another car got under, and hopped our tire and into our left rear, slamming the right front into the rut in turn 4, which knocked the breath out of me for a good 30 seconds or so. I pulled into the infield, firstly to catch my breath, and also because it wasn’t worth destroying the car more at a track we don’t race for points. We ended up finishing 11th after it all and left with amazing feedback and an awesome setup under us to go to other tracks with.

Thanks again to Tom Berry and their crew for jumping in and helping us out a ton. We appreciate it a lot more than we can ever express. Also thanks to the Cottage Grove fans and officials for being awesome every time we go down. Hopefully we’ll make it back down sometime in August!

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