Day Brothers Racing

Go Fast, Lift the LF!

Sunset Speedway Points

The track has yet to update the modified points page but after missing the Wednesday race in June along with the July 7th race so far, top 10 in points is going to be extremely difficult if we can’t get to the track.

Figuring it Out..

After the first couple weeks haven’t gone the way we would like after the rebuild, we are going to make another huge swing (hopefully in the right direction) to get the car setup where it needs to be. Firstly, a new gear is in store for running at Sunset which is three years overdue. With a few new suspension changes as well, we are definitely throwing all we have at it. Come down to Banks on the 9th to see if we got it working right!

Those Updates!

It doesn’t suprise that along with having issues with the modified, the feed on the sidebar of the website has also not been working while at the racetrack. Hope to have it fixed for the 9th as well!

Finishing Touches..

With the next race in a few days, we are cranking out some finishing touches and issues with the car. Found some brake line issues and a fun ignition issue that has new parts ordered to fix. Hopefully everything will be in for this weekend’s race! The rebuild pictures will be uploaded in the next few weeks.

First Race This Saturday

After a LONG winter and not making the Duel in the Desert for the first time, we are excited that the first race is this upcoming Saturday, 5/12. Hopefully the last amount of parts come in on time and we can get out there!