Day Brothers Racing

Go Fast, Lift the LF!

2012 Rebuild Progress

The car is still being worked on and coming along nicely, however slowly to ensure all the new tabs are in place correctly. Hope to have some more pictures to show what it’s looking like while we approach the new season. Stay tuned!

Modified Rebuild

The modified is undergoing a rebuild from the bent clip to the rear suspension for the upcoming season. We are very excited and can’t wait to get it all wrapped up and ready to go! Here are a couple photos from earlier in the rebuild. More to come soon!

Website Updates & More

After a tough, short season, it’s time to get the ball rollin on the racing stuff for the upcoming 2012 season. The website is getting more features, including social plugins for Facebook and Twitter to allow everyone to comment on pages and certain material on the site, as well as just chat it up. The Twitter feed will be solely for the updates from the live events as they are occuring.

We greatly appreciate everyone that sticks by us and checks in to support us, and we feel these updates will make the experience better. We look forward to an amazing season next year!

Modified Repairs

We are in the process of fixing up the modified to get it ready for NW Nationals in Elma, WA coming up in July. After certain decisions are made, I’ll get pictures of the teardown and rebuild. Thanks for the help from the Fabshop in Portland, OR and BMS for working with us to get it all fixed!

Weather Woes…

After 3 weeks of cancellations, will we ever get a race in this season? It is quite frustrating that unlike around the other regions, tracks in the NW don’t even try to prep pit areas to get a race in. Hopefully everyone gets in the racing mood soon. We’re all going crazy here!