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SWB Modified Nationals: 7/26-7/27

Can’t even start without saying a huge thanks to Tom Berry and the whole Team BRE crew for helping us out in Elma, WA this year for the NW Nationals. Got very comfortable in the car and was able to roll wherever we could until our luck rolled around and bit us in the butt.

The 1st night saw us in the 2nd heat starting in the back straight up. The setup was a bit off on the car and it was just a bit too loose. We finished where we started which was 7th. It was apparent, however, that the car had a ton more that we could get out of it with the right changes. We went out for the inverted heat race and started on the outside pole, got a good start, and tried holding the bottom instead of the top. One of the quicker cars for the weekend got underneath coming out of turn 4 and it was follow him for about 3 laps until the next guy started getting aggressive on passing. He finally decided to get on the top side and get by with a few to go. Slipped up coming out of 2 the next lap and ended up finishing 4th. The car felt much better, though! Getting somewhere!

As the points tallied, we were 29th, a row up from the back of the B-Main. We had a bit of a charge to make to transfer, but it was the best chance to make it in, which we definitely almost had. Put 2 new tires on the rear and it made all the difference on being able to run wherever on the track to be able to pass. Of course, on the 1st lap, it was just our luck to be behind certain people and stuck on the inside when a few cars got turned around and we got into the right rear of another. Luckily, all that had to be fixed was removing the nose piece as the tie for the front broke off, so it didn’t fly off later in the event. On the restart it was apparent what the car was able to do, and what time was going to be the best to do it. After a couple of cautions we had moved up from a few cars spinning and breaking. For our final restart, which was the time to go, the car just stuck to the outside and got us just outside of the transfer spot. Spent a couple laps just waiting for the move to make a pass when coming into and out of turn 4 the brand new right rear tire blew apart which also destroyed the right side panels. Just our luck, right? Didn’t make it back out and finished towards the back, having to run in another last chance qualifier.

Started on the outside 2nd row for the #2 LCQ race, and tried everything to get by, and stay up front, but the old right rear just couldn’t hold on like the new one could, and looped it twice. Unfortunately couldn’t make any of it up and finished in 4th, 2 spots out of transfer.

Even after all the bad luck, we definitely proved we were an A-main worthy car again since we ran in 2009 in our first year. We will make the show next year (with the right luck of course). Once again, a huge thank you to the whole BRE crew for all their help. They proved once again that back in the day is still in the present with a few certain teams.

Also thanks to my mom, brother, and girlfriend as without them we wouldn’t have even been able to make it up to Elma this year. I wanted to make it in just because of that fact alone. It was a crap ton of fun and we can hopefully take it to Vegas this year and make more of a show (if we go of course, which doesn’t look TOO promising). Thanks to Jerry’s Extreme Machine as well for an amazing engine that, in simple terms, just goes. Proved we can do work against the expensive engines, even on the tacky stuff. Thanks to the fans for coming out! Was great to be able to meet Dave Canon who is one of the owners at RTG where I race online. Thanks for the wheel bud!

See everyone next year, and we should have shirts with us by then, too!

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